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    Measuring for a Sustainable Future
    Chiara Boni La Petite Robe is the first Italian women’s wear company to obtain the European certification PEF “Product Environmental Footprint”.
    This project made by CHIARA BONI La Petite Robe, teaming up with the Italian textile company Eurojersey, is called “Measuring for a Sustainable Future”.
    The Environmental Footprint Hangtag
    The hangtag “Measuring for a Sustainable Future” identifies and marks the project. The hangtag highlights 3 of the 16 PEF indicators, which are fundamental for the ecological footprint calculation of the impact of the production: the water footprint, the energetic footprint and the carbon footprint.
    The Supply Chain Traceability
    The measuring and certifying procedures were made possible thanks to the traceability of Chiara Boni’s 100% Made in Italy supply chain that guarantees
    high quality, accuracy and an authentic sustainable approach.

    The Sustainable SensitiveĀ® Fabrics
    The Sensitive® Fabrics, an exclusive Eurojersey patent, are the high-end fabrics witch the Florentine designer uses to create 80 percent of its collection focused on transforming dresses. Breathable, shape-retaining, stretch in all directions, wrinkle-free and long lasting , they don’t need to iron and most of all they are timeless.
    Sensitive® Fabrics were exclusively crafted for the iconic pieces selected for the PEF measuring procedure, they are the most recognizable essentials of Chiara Boni La Petite Robe signature offering famous between its customers: formal dresses, gowns, jumpsuit and recently also separates.
    The Ambassador
    Cara Kennedy Cuomo, daughter of Kerry Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo, is the enthusiastic Ambassador of the “Measuring for a Sustainable Future” project.
    She is a sustainability Champion, it is years since her precious name is well known to be connected to Sustainability and to the Environmental Care, making them a personal purpose.
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